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5 Questions To Identify If You Addicted to Food

If you have created a habit to consume a certain food or beverage around the same time every day, are you able to break that pattern?

Are you able control your behaviour around food? Do you find you go back for seconds, or thirds at mealtime? One biscuit from the packet leads to you finishing the entire packet within hours.

Do you crave for food and focus on one food that you will reward yourself with today and no matter what it takes, even if you have to go out of your way to get it?

Are you in denial towards the negative impact food may be making to your health. Are you finding excuses to cover the real health issues, thus giving yourself permission to eat?

Is food your best friend? Is it the tool you use to lean on for comfort? Does food consume your thinking and does the opportunity to eat excite you?

When your “yes” voice outweighs your “no” voice, you will have moved into dangerous territory and food addiction may be very real for you.

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