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About Louise


I started taking women away on retreat getaways in 2015 as I saw the need for women to band together for support and encouragement. It’s so easy for women to get trapped in a life loop – where every day is a repeated routine of the previous weeks and months. Suppressing emotions, stress,  and feeling insignificant was common among the many women I spoke with.

From the getaways over the years, one very large, important, and neglected topic was raised time and time again - the change of life!   Women could see and feel their bodies changing, they felt trapped with no real direction to move forward, and the fear around ageing without health and wellness was what women wanted to address.

So in 1999, I retargeted my retreats - RELAX RESET AND REJUVENATE to women over the age of 40 because it’s anytime in the 10 year window of a woman being in her 40’s that she will go into perimenopause. From the average age 51, women are in menopause and live the rest of their lives as menopausal women and sadly, too few know what to expect and how important it is to keep active,  build social connection, and unwind from the day to day expectations of life!.

My RELAX RESET AND REJUVENATE RETREATS gives you space, safety, support, fitness, healthy learning, and opportunity to build connections with like minded women.  You do as much or as little as you like at any one of my retreats. Your days away are about YOU. All my retreats are run by me.  I am present and serving you every day. Our retreats are always refreshingly light and full of fun too. 

When you put idyllic locations, nutritional food, exhilarating activities, and caring, supportive, life experienced women together, the laughter and good times come natural. At the close of each retreat, you will feel heart happy, significant, fitter, relaxed and reset to step back into your world with more purpose, energy and passion.   

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