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Retreat Yourself And Live a Happy Life.

Every One Deserve a Little Time Out


One of the most wonderful gifts a women can give herself is the gift of "time-out".  Unfortunately, a women will  often automatically gives her a reason as to why she shouldn't consider a chance to rest and rejuvenate.

  •  What will my partner say?

  •  I'm too busy to take time off work

  •  Who will look after the family?

  •  I won’t know anyone there

  •  I can't spend that kind of money on me

How can a woman be expected to show up and be the amazing person she is, if she doesn't take well deserved time-out to  rejuvenate, and reinvigorate her mind, body and personal strength and confidence.

It’s vital you give yourself this time and space at least twice a year, so that you can recharge, feel valued, and continue giving to others.

A women’s retreat is a wonderful sanctuary of soul sister support, relaxation, and peace. 


My retreats focus on walking/activity, so a reasonably good level of fitness is required.


Most days will offer a set activity where we will walk different terrain depending on the location of the retreat. 


Attendees are not required to participate in any activity they choose not to and are very welcome to stay at the retreat house and relax/do anything that is favorable to them.  

June 2022 Retreat:

Wednesday 22nd  June – Sunday 26th June 2022 

  Two Places Available

August /September 2022 Retreat:

Tuesday 30th Aug - Sunday 4th September   

  One Place Available

Age Well Academy's director - Louise Skeen hosts retreats that build emotional confidence and release feel good hormones for all women 40+ . Currently retreats are held within Australia and New Zealand.  All women are welcomed as "friends" from the first point of communication. 

"If you're experiencing stress, hormonal change, family pressure, looking for life/work balance, want to improve your health, strengthen your body, and create a healthy, fulfilling pathway for your years ahead, then join one of my relaxed, laughter-filled, down to earth retreats" - Louise Skeen


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Lesley F – Tumut Retreat

Have to say this retreat had everything.  The most picturesque accommodation with beautifully appointed cabins.  The food provided by Louise was amazing, delicious and plentiful.  The days were filled with exercise, sightseeing, exploring, happy hour and much more. Thank you for the lengths you go to Louise to make these retreats so enjoyable.  I am already looking forward to what you have for us in 2023. 

Ann Q – Tumut Retreat

What a fantastic retreat to Tumut Stayed at the Elm cottages in 4 different houses between 11 ladiesA great bunch of gals having a fun time exploring and sightseeing caves, thermal pool, rocky pathways and mountain goat trails. Had lots of laughs and “what goes on in Tumut stays in Tumut”. Thank you Louise 

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