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Personal Health
Transformation Retreats

Create & master Your Future PHYSICAL health

There comes a time in life when you not only see your body changing shape, put you feel your body, emotions and day to day actions change in a number of ways too.

Looking up your symptoms on the internet, sharing what you're feeling amongst your friends, or even seeking support and understanding from your general practitioner, can leave you feeling unheard, misunderstood, or generalized with no clear direction on what steps to take to create a permanent solution to your future physical health and well-being.

As an expert in women's health and fitness, I offer personal retreats to you, or you and one other of your close female connections, to spend two nights/3 days with me to experience living your healthiest life while creating the formula for you to secure your mobility, stability, strength, and quality living for your future years.


This personal retreat will be tailored to your wants and needs, and can address ...........
* how young spirited you are and how emotions can age you greatly,
* what foods nourish you and reduce body inflammation,
* strategies to get the most from your mind and body
* daily steps to prevent fast ageing. 

With over 40 years in the health and fitness industry, and 8 years of leading workshops and retreats for women over the age of 40, I educate, support, and guide you in your transformational retreat to living your healthiest life.

Let’s CONNect Together

My PHT Retreats are individually tailored and priced to suit your goals, preferred location, and budget.
Get in touch so we can chat further.

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