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I help women over the age of 40 who are fed-up with the way they look, and feel; redesign their body, health, and menopause journey, resulting in them becoming fit, fat free and unstoppable

A New Level Of Life Begins.... NOW!

You want a flat belly, put the brakes on stress, and feel in control of how you feel, right?  but geeze..... there's just no time to do anything for yourself, and sometimes it's all just too hard.   How do other women juggle all their balls in the air at the same time?  Why do they look amazing?  How can they have a great body, run with their grand kids, take time to getaway with their friends?   Where do they get their confidence?

If you don’t believe anyone could possibly live with all their “ducks in a row”, then I have to tell you, some people do…. And you can too!


You might feel like your days are on auto replay or feel pressured with stress because you're trying to meet other people's needs or expectations.  It's so easy to slide into a life-loop and not realise the flat-line feeling this gives you until you feel like you've lost your identity, your health, your body.... in fact, you may feel like you're losing your mind.


Emotional and physical distress will impact you tremendously.  Any small concern, either in the front or in the back of your mind, will remind you 100 times a day that you're not in a place you want to be, or you think you should be. You don't look right, there's something wrong with you, you can never get it right, you're lazy, you're worthless, and it's too late to change.... why bother?    This is called "head chatter" .  You know what I'm talking about.... right?


Well,  here's a fact.


Your brain believes everything you tell it so if you allow your head chatter to feed you garbage, you'll feel like garbage,  If you can't be bothered changing habits, or staying stuck in false stories, then you do stay stuck.


I hate to say it but…. your life right now is a result of the beliefs and stories you’ve created over time, the choices you have made, and the action you have taken (or not taken). Your life is exactly what you’ve allowed it to be. If you don’t like it, you have everything within you to change it - TODAY.

Whether you know exactly what you want for yourself to live an unstoppable, healthy life, or you just know you can’t keep moving forward existing “like this”,  you’ll find strategies, and inspiration on my website to help you sit in your driver’s seat and reset your GPS, so you travel forward toward clarity and improved well-being so you take back your life and  live on your terms. 


If you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, and the same amount of weight on your body, then it's time get started on your new journey. I encourage you to check out my Slender Boss Transformation. Hit the SHAPE UP Tab above for more information otherwise, enjoy my website.



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40 years ago, I made a decision to give myself and my health the priority I deserved to live my healthiest life.  That commitment has not only allowed me to secure an energised, strong, and confident life, but it's allowed me to change the lives of thousands of women throughout Australia with sensible mind, fitness and nutrition strategies.

A number of years back I came to understand that my mind, emotions and body were changing rapidly due to menopause. Was I prepared for the symptoms, feelings, and uncertainty of hormonal change? No!  When talking with other ladies, I realised that a great number of women over the age of 50 knew very little, if anything about menopause and how it effected their body and emotions.   So I set to work to learn all I could about the first signs of transitioning into menopause, which occurs in women at the average  age of 40, took what I knew and merged it which what I learned and created my SLENDER BOSS Transformation Program.


I absolutely thrive at working with women over the age of 40. You see.....the physical and emotional changes can happen so fast from perimenopause, that women are confused, shocked, and overwhelmed with what to do to make them feel "themselves" again.

For this reason, I devote my energy, passion and self to helping women with transformational programs and uplifting getaways/retreats that improve a woman's mental, emotional and physical health so she feels unstoppable, can control her weight and well-being, and oozes confidence and energy.


You will always be faced with positive and negative experiences. It’s knowing how to meet the challenges, how to shift behaviours and beliefs, set boundaries, understand your ageing body, know where you’re heading on your life journey, and have the roadmap available to you so you get there.


If you want to reclaim your mojo, have the body you desire, jump off your life-loop, feel significant, and have purpose, then please explore my website. 




When you buy a brand new car, don't you just love the way it looks, the way it drives, the sexy lines of the body, and the power it holds.  When it comes to fueling your car you only want to fill it with the best for the engine.  You want to keep your vehicle in top condition.

Do you look after yourself with the same care and detail?

I'd like you to adopt my analogy that your body is your vehicle. Your muscles and skin are your armour - the body. Your brain is your GPS, your joints are your suspension, your muscles are your shock absorbers, your gut is your storage for the fuel (food) you put into your tank, your ego is your airbag, and your energy is your body's battery that powers you.

I do compare the human body to a vehicle. We are made of so many parts - internally and externally.  How each of us looks after our vehicle determines how well we travel on our life journey.  If we don't put quality fuel into our tank, we will gradually accumulate toxicity.  If we don't lubricate and exercise all the intricate moving parts, they stiffen and eventually seize up. If we live under chronic stress or fall victim to head chatter, our airbag may just explode shutting us down completely.  Of course, if we don't look after our vehicles engine, brakes, suspension and muscles, we most definately won't look after our vehicles body, and the wear and tear of life will show on the exterior.

But like any tired vehicle, it can be revamped, made over. transformed......... and so can the human body.

When hormonal change greatly effects your ability to travel forward with ease, when it plays with the way you think and feel, when menopause symptoms challenges your lifestyle or ability to feel normal, then I believe you need to stop doing what you've always done in the past to "get by", and start planning the right route to suit your changing hormones today, in for your future years.

There's absolutely no reason why you, in your 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond, can't have the fit, strong and flat belly body you want, reduce or eliminate the many symptoms of menopause, experience quality sleep, be in control of your emotions, make more time for yourself, step away from toxic people, and live a more free life!

Life is a journey.  Do you see a clear roadway for yourself? Do you hold a roadmap that outlines exactly where you want to go?  Are you making choices to fuel up well and keep your engine firing?


Transform your mind and body, get fit and healthy, oozes energy,  and move forward with confidence.






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