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Inspiring you to live a healthy  life

Live Your Life To Align With Your Heart & Health



Do you find it hard to slow down?     


When was the last time you gave yourself the space you deserve to let go of all the expectations put upon you and the built-up stress you feel?         



Do you desire a chance to press pause and take time out to gather your energy, reset and nurture your own health?                                                            

Do you want to escape for a few days where you do as much, or as little as you want to?  

IMG_E3782 (2).JPG

Jump off your life loop and feel Unstoppable.

My Women’s Well-being Retreats are held throughout Australia and New Zealand. These 2, 4, or 5 night getaways allow women to immersive themselves in peace, tranquillity, relaxation, joy, trust and support.

Australia and New Zealand has so much coastal and rural beauty to offer so it’s only fitting that we take advantage of the many walking tracks, rainforests, estuary’s, waterfalls, lagoons, and waterways to play in and relax around.  Sharing the company of like-minded women to connect, laugh, share experiences and enjoy the disconnection from a daily routine, is what makes my retreats so successful.

  • If you’re a woman over the age of 40 who can see and feel your body changing and you feel alone on the ageing journey

  • If you’re wanting to reboot your energy levels 

  • If improving your health and fitness is important to you now, and for your future years

  • If you want to unload your body of stress

  • If you’re wanting to keep your own agenda without expectations

  • If you’re open to building new acquaintances and friendships 
                                                                                                                                                                                                                No two retreats are ever the same.  Activities may include massages, hair and beauty tips, nutrition talks, self-care, stretching / breathing classes, moderate to challenging walks, swimming, spa’s, inhouse pyjama/movie nights, fun games, murder mystery nights, foot spas, facials, restaurant meals, home cooked goodness, and so much more. 

At the end of my retreat, you’ll feel relaxed and super happy. You’ll feel “heard” and significant and will have a new heightened sense of health and wellness.

My Women’s Wellness Retreat typically takes place every two to three months. 
I hope you will join one of my Relax, Reset, and Rejuvenate Retreats group of supportive women to relax, learn, and grow. Start living life with more energy, radiance, vitality and prosperity. Book your Women’s Wellness retreat now!

Throughout my retreats you’ll enjoy:


Plush bedding, linen, towels

Nutritional meals provided three times a day 

Raw, fresh snacks and afternoon happy hour nibbles 

Unlimited bottled water, tea, coffee, and soft drinks   

All activities and entry into National Parks or venue’s

We aim to cater for varied dietary requests 


Lesley F.jpg
Lesley F – Tumut Retreat

Have to say this retreat had everything.  The most picturesque accommodation with beautifully appointed cabins.  The food provided by Louise was amazing, delicious and plentiful.  The days were filled with exercise, sightseeing, exploring, happy hour and much more. Thank you for the lengths you go to Louise to make these retreats so enjoyable.  I am already looking forward to what you have for us in 2023. 

bandicam 2022-10-09 08-20-34-300.jpg
Ann Q – Tumut Retreat

What a fantastic retreat to Tumut Stayed at the Elm cottages in 4 different houses between 11 ladiesA great bunch of gals having a fun time exploring and sightseeing caves, thermal pool, rocky pathways and mountain goat trails. Had lots of laughs and “what goes on in Tumut stays in Tumut”. Thank you Louise 

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