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Mindset seems to be the buzz word in 2019. You’re most probably hearing the word used in lifestyle conversations, or seeing the word written on many forms of copy media. But what does mindset really mean, and why is it so important to take a check on the status of your mindset?

No matter what self-improvement you are looking to make, and in this case we are talking permanent weight loss, the strength of your self-talk and your pre-formed beliefs make up your current mindset. If you are able to live life through clear eye’s – knowing what you want, being present with each of your decisions and actions, living in fact and truth, then your ability to achieve the goal you set for yourself will be attainable and success will be fast and powerful.

If you are not in complete control and at times, you feel overwhelmed, stressed, anxious, emotional, you carry out actions mindlessly, feel people are against you or your head talk is sabotaging your ability to move forward – every day, then your mindset has been weakened over time. As understandable as that is, because let’s face it - life throws unlimited curve balls and some of them are the size of boulders, your ability to successfully and permanently lose weight and regain control and confidence, is determined 100% by your mindset.

So, let’s look at your goal of permanent weight loss. You most probably have tried to diet in the past, and there’s a good chance you lost weight. Ok, you’re happy for a while because you like your reflection more, your clothing feels better on you, and you feel more confident within yourself. But did you know about 10% of people cannot sustain their dieting intention for longer than 2 weeks, and a further 70% opt out after 12 weeks, meaning there’s a lot of people who feel like a failure – again!!

What does feeling like a failure do for you? Nothing positive that’s for sure. It just fuels your head talk and gives your sabotaging voice ammunition to speak down to you that you’re hopeless, you’re weak, you’re undeserving, and it will constantly mock you because you tried dieting before and you FAILED!!!

Without a strong mindset, you surrender to your head chatter. Because you live with it every day, you have allowed it to convince you that you “own” all the negative things it tells you.

These voices can be driven out of your life forever, but success will only come when you stand up, take control of each voice that comes to you, and work to remove it from your current belief.

When you focus on building your ability to take control of your mind, and totally remove your weight loss goal from your daily focus, your long term success will be reinforced. Everything will fall into place.

Your mind is extremely powerful and although it stands alone, it marries perfectly with your emotions. When you find your emotions are either accepting that “this is the way it’s going to be”, or you haven’t the ability in the moment to assess the emotion and recognise the cause and effect, finding a way to rectify the grip of that emotion becomes impossible. Your mindset will wrap itself around your emotions to support them leaving you feeling stuck, hopeless or unworthy.

The greatest thing you can do to take control of where you want your health and happiness to go, is to invest in improving – understanding and strengthen your mindset. The ability to recognise when you are surrendering your ability to power forward and when you can actually identify that someone, something or a decision you make has negatively affected you, resulting in you feeling your power slipping, is when your mindset has an injection of strength which improves it’s foundations.

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