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5 Daily Exercise Tips To Lose Weight Fast

“How do I lose weight fast?” is a question I get asked quite a bit. When this happens,

I often wonder ….What was it that triggered them to look for a solution right now?

Why do so many women want fast weight loss? Is it because they are “fed-up” and don’t like what they see when they catch their reflection, or is it that their clothing doesn’t feel comfortable anymore? Have they been invited to a function and they want to look their best in-front of others, or has someone made them feel inadequate or unworthy and

there’s an urgency to prove someone wrong?

Whatever the reason, I remind these enquiring ladies that fast weight loss is not healthy, plus it’s not going to be permanent weight loss. There’s a promoted formula to weight management. Energy in V’s. Energy out.

Let me explain….

 Put more energy in (through food and beverages) than you burn off through activity, and you will gain weight.

 Put the same energy in that you expend out, and you maintain your weight.

 Put less energy in than you burn through activity, and you will lose weight.

So, what many people think they need to do to lose weight quickly, is greatly restrict their energy intake (food) and just do the necessary movement each day to get around.

According to the Energy in V’s Energy out formula, the centimetres will drop off and the needle on the scales will tip to the left indicating lost weight.

Now this method to fast weight loss will work if followed for a few weeks, but what actually occurs is the body starts to metabolize it’s own muscle and lean tissue meaning, the body is beginning to waste away. Without the right nutrients and without muscle building exercise, muscle mass depletes. Insufficient nutrients is almost like a form of starvation – well that’s what your body thinks anyway so cleverly, your body protects you by storing fat in-case you again do not consume a healthy balance of nutrients.

Insufficient calories, nutrients and minerals tells your body you are in fight and flight mode. It’s not sure when the next good fuel injection will come, so you body makes sure you survive on the fat that it stores. But you want to burn fat, not store fat!! To burn body fat, the body needs muscle.  To build muscle, the body needs nutrients from food such as protein, complex carbohydrates, a small amount of good fats, vitamins and minerals.

Without this consistent balance, the body may lose water and muscle may start to

break down. You see, there’s one formula that fails to get discussed. This is the

successful formula.

 Put sufficient nutritionally balanced amounts of energy in, and increase your movement with resistance every day, and you will burn excess fat – permanently.

That means, eat three nutrient packed meals a day and spike your heart rate through cardiovascular exercise and by using your muscles against resistance, and you will gradually and sensibly lose excess weight. But if speedy weight loss is what you are after – short term, then the following tips may help you.


In order to digest and absorb food, maintain your body temperature, have good blood circulation and to manage your weight, you need to drink water every day.

Aim for 6 to 8 glasses of clear water at room temperature or slightly warmer for absorption. Tea, coffee and other liquids based on water fail to count. Seek out a large water bottle and sip on it morning to night. Toxins will flush out of your system in no time.


Simple carbohydrates are not good for your health but your taste buds and your body just loves them. Products manufactured with sugar - like biscuits, cakes, sweets, pastries, and white breads, turn into sugars and enter your bloodstream which spike insulin levels resulting in excess weight and it could lead to diabetes.

Starchy vegetables, white rice, pasta and white flour, beer and alcohols are all simple carbohydrates too so replace these with leafy green vegetables, brown rice, whole meal pasta, and wholegrain breads.


Protein builds muscle, reduces hunger and boosts your metabolic rate, which helps regulate your weight. It’s as simple as that! But you can eat too much protein which, if not used through activity, may cause you to gain weight through too many calories. So awareness, care and balance is absolutely vital.

Aim for around 100g of lean protein a day by adding eggs, nuts and seeds, Greek yoghurt, a small amount of quality cheese, white meat and a small amount of red meat, and seafoods to your weekly diet.


Snacking has become a common and acceptable “go to” between meals. Is it necessary or not?

I strongly believe that 3 nutrient packed, low GI meals a day should provide the fuel you need to sustain you from wake-up to bed-time however, there are influences and circumstances that need to be taken into account.

If you did nothing more than eat three meals a day and move around without drawing on too much energy, then snacking may not be required. IE: Sitting for a large part of your day. But if you are quite physical each day and drawing lots of energy through movement, brain power, increased stress or, you fail to drink enough fresh water, then a snack or two a day may be necessary.

What you choose to snack on though is of great importance. Too often if

hunger pangs hi you between your three meals, or after dinner, aim not

to reach for simple carbs.


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the speediest proven forms of fat burning. Not only does your body burn large amounts of energy during performance, but it continues to burn energy long after you have stopped training, and that of course equates to losing centimeters.

HIIT needs to be undertaken at your level and no-one else’s. As your fitness improves, so will your ability to exert more energy. HIIT means you spike your heart rate up to it’s maximum capacity for a short period of time, recover for a longer period, then repeat the spike/recover formula several more times. For example, a short sprint up a flight of stairs followed by a walk back down is interval training. Cycle flat out from one telegraph pole to the next, then gently cycle for 2 minutes until your recover, then go again.

You need to free of body tightness, cramping, illness or pain to undertake this form of high fat burning so please, if uncertain, see your medical practitioner or health professional before undertaking HIIT training.

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