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Belly Fat Blaster Home Workout

Have you found over the years, that belly fat is accumulating faster than ever before, and it’s harder to shift? If you’re struggling with an extra tyre or two, try this workout 3 times a week, and you’ll soon see fat blast from your belly.

There’s no such thing as “spot reduction” meaning, you can’t expect to focus on working on one part of your body, and that area will reduce in size. EG: Your tummy. No matter how many sit-up or crunches you do, your belly will not shrink in size. The abdominal muscle will most definitely get stronger, but it won’t reduce in size.

I can appreciate how this can be confusing because, the more you work a specific muscle, the more that muscle grows. So in fact, you can spot increase, but you can’t spot reduce.

If you are storing surplus fat on specific areas of your body, then it’s a combination of good food intake and fat burning fitness that’s required.

So follow my fat burning fitness exercises here, and let’s focus on a strong, flat tummy


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