The Truth About How Stress Hormones Age Women Fast

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Stress is your body’s way of responding to mental or emotional pressure resulting from adverse of very demanding circumstances.

Throughout the beginning of time, stress served to ensure the everyday survival of early man being threatened by various elements, such as wild animals, invading tribes, and the elements. Outside of these circumstances, early man lived a simple and peaceful life.

Today, we typically do not encounter wild animals in our everyday lives, but consider when you come face to face with a large spider, snake, or are under attack from nesting birds… your stress hormone triggers the “fight or flight” response in the sympathetic nervous system that puts you on high alert allowing you to run away or at best, avoid the predator threatening your safety.

Stress can be positive or negative depending on the circumstances, the rate of occurrence, and the severity of the circumstance and impact to one’s life.

There are two types of stress – 1) low levels of occasional stress 2) high Levels or persistent stress known as chronic stress. Low levels of occasional stress are normal and serve your mental and physical wellbeing because it may boost memory, help you accomplish tasks more efficiently, and strengthen your self-esteem because you’re able to grow from the learning of a stressful situation.

When stress becomes relentless, repetitive, and debilitating to your everyday function, your body is experiencing high or chronic stress and there is the prolonged elevation in stress hormones that adversely affect your physical, mental, and/or emotional states.

This eBook will teach you how to combat stress - the signs, the symptoms, its effects on the body's overall well-being, and how you will fight it.

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