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Find out why my eBooks are bestselling ebooks on Amazon today!


Do you want to know the formula to alleviate the exhausting symptoms of menopause, and want to transform your body from sluggish, overweight and fatigued, to healthy, strong, and sexy in just 6 weeks?

•Are you storing fat on your body, particularly your belly, and you don’t know what to do?
•Do you suffer mood swings or feel stuck with no direction, or out of control?
•Are you tired of hot flushes or night sweats?
•Has your libido left you and fatigue set in?
•Do you want to transform your life and life with energy?


This book offers you clear facts and the solution to your body concerns. There’s no need to give up the foods you love but there is a formula that all women over the age of 40 should follow. A formula that is kind to your hormones, to your emotions, to your overall wellbeing.

This book gives you everything you need to manage your menopause symptoms head-on while reshaping your body so you regain your self-esteem.

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28 Day Body Fit Reset | Program 1

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28 Day Body Fit Reset | Program 2

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48 Pages Ebook for someone who already worked out want to try intermediate program.


28 Day Body Fit Reset | Program 3

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28 Day Food For Life Plan

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28 Day Mindset Reboot

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30 Days of Creating Calm

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Your Mind, Emotions, and Actions Have A Genuine Connection and Inner Balance.


Emily Watson

Louise's book is a great eye-opener especially for women 40's and up. I am learning a lot from her books. Keep creating some more content, please? 

Candice Holland

I'm nearing my 40's and me knowing what lies ahead in the future, it keeps me in the know of what to expect! Great books by the way! The Hot Flush is extremely awesome to read! 

Matthew O'Fields

I came across Louise Skeen's ads on Facebook and a husband like me, it pays to know what my wife is going through in her 40's. Something men don't understand but now I do. I shared the Hot Flush and the Creating Calm book with my wife and she loved it to pieces. 

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