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Louise Skeen left school at the age of 17 years knowing exactly what she wanted to do - help people become fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

She has been a certified Instructor teaching aerobic and aqua classes in the 80’s and 90’s, Manager of health clubs throughout Australia, owned her own children’s fitness club and adult fitness facility in two locations in Australia.

Louise is an entrepreneurial woman with drive and focus. She has enjoyed great health all her life and from the age of just eight, Louise joined her first Jazz Ballet class in her home town of Newcastle New South Wales. It’s here that she fell in love with the concept of dance to music and working in a group to perform at end of year concerts. Most girls dream of dancing in sequenced costumes under special lighting and stage props. Louise was no different and she loved it.

She currently own’s her own personal training studio - Personal Fitness for Women, she is certified in nutrition, a certified Menofitness trainer, and she is recognized as an expert in overcoming weight loss resistance. With a passion for women's health and wellbeing, Louise is building an online presence in her business - Age Well Academy, for women 40 years and beyond.

Louise has written an Amazon Bestselling Book – Hot Flush to Hot Body in Just 6 Weeks and enjoys public speaking and empowering women over the age of 40, on how to be the healthiest version of themselves to fight disease, manage their hormones, and to age with energy. She has worked with hundreds of women to help them re-align with their goals, values, emotions and health.

Louise is the go-to- woman fitness, menopause and mindset mentoring.

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The dance world became Louise’s environment for a further eight years and she was introduced to a new fitness craze that hit Australia in the late 1970’s. Aerobics. Aerobics offered everything that Louise was comfortable and passionate about. Aerobics forced fitness, being centre stage under lights, and movement to music. She was embedded into the aerobic fitness boom for another twenty years.

At eighteen, Louise was offered a management position in her towns’ largest health club. Here she learned how to run a business and manage people. But that wasn’t enough for Louise, who furthered her study in nutrition and completed other courses that improved her knowledge on exercise. 
Several years later Louise developed an adult weight loss program and then a children’s fitness and nutrition program, endorsed by a leading doctor at Westmead Children’s Hospital. This primary school aged nutrition and fitness program was licensed to clubs throughout Australia. The fitness Industry recognised Louise’s initiative to educate in the area of children’s health and fitness, and Louise was asked to guest speak several times at the Industry’s largest annual fitness convention.

Louise competing in the partners division in 1989 during the National Aerobics Championship sponsore
Louise teaching over 500 people in an open park (1990's)
Louise being interviewed and was just announced the winner during the 1990 Aerobics Challenge.
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